Who we are

Before jumping into these marvelous worlds, we worked in different business domains (banking, healthcare, retail, ...) as developer, analyst, project manager, software or solution architect. With a long experience in tuning big complex software systems dealing with UNIX, mainframe, web, mobile or cloud technologies, we were then interested in what happened in smaller embedded ones.

With the raise of the Internet of Things and the accessibility of many boards on the market, our passion for embedded systems grew up rapidly.

But we found the IoT devices "soulless", with limited capacities, sometimes useless. And with the era of Artificial Intelligence that started for several years, gaining constantly in maturity, we saw an opportunity to speed the developement of solutions based on both IoT and AI technologies. Furthermore, we can now find on the market, free or not, a lot of tools like Tensorflow, pytorch and many more to quickly build efficient models in order to solve a lot of business domain problems.

Who we are?

So came the next level: being able to embed Artificial Intelligence directly in the devices, or to be more accurate, machine or deep learning algorithms that will be interpreted along with the application and the different sensors.

Looking for existing litterature, we discovered TinyML (We loved the book written by Pete Warden and Daniel Situnayake). The challenge to fit the ML or deep learning algorithm into a smaller memory footprint low-powered device became obvious.

Here came the idea for this web site, offering an online tool to boost your smart device developments. We hope that you'll join us to this challenging adventure...